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Specialty Metallurgical Products Co, Inc. Providing Titanium Tablets, Titanium Powder and Titanium Sponge Solutions

Click Here for more Information or Request a QuoteSpecialty Metallurgical Products (SMP) was started in 1984 by James H. Clark (Jim Clark Sr.), when he invisioned the need for a better, less costly grain refiner than the then standard master alloy. Originally the company was started to produce Master Alloy in Shot form, however that product never made it into the market place. Instead SMP was the first company to produce and offer a 100% titanium tablet to the aluminum alloy producers, free from binders and salts. Today, almost all aluminum smelters use 100% titanium tablets/pucks to make their titanium additions.

The Company's manufacturing Plant and Offices are located in Red Lion, Pennsylvania and have been since 1994. Although the Company has relocated several times in the last 20 years, it has never moved out of York County, PA.

Jim Clark's vision is and has always been that if America is going to compete with Third World Countries then we must use technology to counter cheap labor. SMP was founded on that very princple and every product ever entered into the market place meets the criteria of "Lowering the costs while maintaining, or improving, quality."